Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Monika Kruse returned to Berlin almost shell-shocked from what erupted at the Twisted Pepper last week. It’s a set that will be remembered for 2010 and the best news is we’re only a short a date for next year!

This Friday night we drop back to the Pod for a full-on homegrown party, the essence of what ColorTv is. These are the nights when we unleash pandemonium and behave the way we behave, God damn badly.

One of the best performe…rs to evolve from ColorTv, Liam Prendiville, heads tonight’s cast with the strain of dark, brooding techno that quickly set him apart from a busy network of the City’s newcomers. An understanding and love for quality music clearly resounds in his mixes, only recently introducing the likes of St.Germain to a live sets…

Supporting, the young Steve Donaldson (Live) extracts home-made beats and loops from his various machines. Steve’s live set for us earlier in the year at the now defunct, Wax, was nothing short of awesome, so don’t miss this rare appearance.

Following the submission of a few very cleverly constructed mixes with some mature artists choices, the young Darren Whelan is our guest on this occasion and ColorTv mainstay, Frederic, kicks off at 11pm for what heralds our start to the silly season!

Liam Prendiville (
Stephen Donaldson – Live (
Darren Whelan

The Pod
Doors 11pm
Adm 10/8e


Next up:
Camea @ Twisted Pepper 4th December,


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