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Our first year, over and done, was a fun-filled fantabulously banging ride, best fun we’ve ever had, and we like to think we’ve actually learned something too…

Now, this mightn’t sound like fun, but its time to get serious.

Tim Xavier’s booming first birthday set signed off the year and signalled ColorTv’s entry into a realm of very credible artist bookings.
Continuing with our monthly nights, we are currently ironing out minor details with the venue and, once agreed, will release our plans for the next few months which include some very JUICY bookings.
That said, our mission to bring local/upcoming talent to the ColorTv stage will remain an essential, so djs, lets have you~??

Til very soon


Believe it or snot, it’s only been a month since the last mission at PKS… We’re all fired up and ready to burn some more, and got plenty of musical BOMBSHELLS lined up to do so.

This week we’re in Wax, that grimey grungey dogs boll*x of a venue on South William St. It’s all residents this time, a night we’ve wanted for a long time now. So it will be interesting to see if we is got what it takes?!

We’re sure it’ll be a neat affair.

Color TV WAX

DJs on the night are Aido (ColorTV newbie), then Taper Jinx, Louis Hopkins and Frederic. All are looking after the musak so variety is guaranteed. Hope to see some of you down there as we taking this as a warm up gig for that top notch mini-festival next week, the Yes Festival!!!

TAKE IT!?!  and with ease!

ColorTV is on the move. We need a new home. Peadar Kearney’s rocked and rolled but it’s time to move out in to the big bad world. Because when you are through changing, you are through.

But the question is this… where to? And that kids is all to play for. As we speak discussions are taking place in smoky boardrooms to find out the new home for the zeitgeist catcher that is ColorTV. The choices, oh the choices.

So stay tuned for an update real soon. ColorTV is movin on up. It’s time to grow. It’s been deadly so far, let’s make it even better.  We hope you’ll join us.


Friday night was epic. The night built and built like a crazy building type thing. It climaxed and crescendoed like there was no tomorrow. And the fine folk here at ColorTV headquarters would like to thank SiSi for an absolutely cracking set and an equally great night! Hats off lads.

In addition we want to thank everyone who has come down for the last few gigs. It’s been real.

We’re movin’ on up. The next gig will take place in a new venue- so watch this space.

Oh and stay tuned.

Here’s some pics from the night…

Cian 1

Cyril Crowd

Cian Tweaks

Cian Hulk

CTV Crowd

Cyril Tweaks

Dermo Raver

Fred the Dancer

Crowd Wide

Fuck You too!

All photos (c) Greg Corcoran. Not to be reproduced without permission.

ColorTV rocks back into Peadar Kearney’s tomorrow night (Friday the 14th of August). It’s gonna be a good un. Sisi / 110th Street DJ’s will be making the epic voyage over from Galway to play an exclusive 4 Hour Set. That’s right kids, 4 joyous hours!


And although only a mere two months old, the much needed spice in the mix, ColorTV goes from strength to strength. And like the shit Phil Collins song, it’s against all odds.

But back to matters in hand, this Friday heralds the return to Dublin of the illustrious twosome with nothing less than a DISCO punch to the gut. It’s been way too long a wait many would say. 110th Street’s Cian Ó Cíobháin and Cyril Briscoe, two names notorious in the annals of Ireland’s dance floors, will present to the ColorTV faithful an exclusive 4-hour set of eclectic musical goodness. And no doubt they will have a lot to offer after a near two year absence from the city.
The lads have recently been resplashing the waves they’ve made in Galway since their inception way back in 1998 with a few highly anticipated parties on Eglinton Street’s Deeper Venue. By all accounts their shit has been as jacking as ever. Sweetly blending sounds from all across the 4/4 spectrum – disco, electro, house, minimal, techno, Italo house and whatever else the hell they want, 110th Street solemnly shut any debate as to whether DJs can double as talented musicians.
“During the GPO years (2002-2004) – ‘110th Street’ pushed the electro-house sound before any club in Ireland did, bringing Erol Alkan over for his début Irish gig as well as other like-minds, including 2ManyDJs & The Glimmers & Boys Noize”

“Cyril and Cian use the name SiSi for their studio productions. They have re-edited and remixed tracks by Vitalic, Radioslave, Justice V Simian, The Japanese Popstars, In Flagranti, Bunny Lake, Underworld, Doves, Mylo, Martin Hornveth, Captain Comatose & Riton. They also have a gaggle of mix tapes which have proven very popular with party bitches around the globe”

Those in the know may have told you about these guys, about their versatility to create genre breaking parties but not until you enter their dance floor realm, a formidable zone of random yet perfectly gelled sounds, will you realise for yourself that Sisi rule the roost, in no uncertain terms. 


ColorTV Collage

Support on the night comes from the band of brilliance that is/are ColorTV DJs. Doors 10pm, Admission €8.

You know it makes sense.

ColorTV says BIG UP to the Deep into the Bowels of House crew.

Cool party down at the Ocean Bar last Sunday, the very vibe that’s always been missing from Irish bars!!! Keeping the fire burning. 

It must’ve been good if the neighbours were complaining about the noise!

More info on August edition of ColorTV at Peadar Kearney’s to follow real soon.

ColorTV, The Return. It rocked, it rolled, it never strolled. Something for everyone, never a dull moment. Here’s the evidence…

Fred Hand Across

Mad Crowd

Arveene BW

Arveene Crowd

2nd from last 2

Arveene Wide

2nd Dude

Tall Green

All images (c) Greg Corcoran. Not be reproduced without permission.